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The Essence

The Essence

Wellness is an alive principle. It is our natural state - the very source of our Being.  Biodynamic craniosacral therapists recognize that health is always present. ​During treatment, using light touch the therapist monitors and re-balances the client’s craniosacral rhythm (subtle pulsations of the cerebrospinal fluid that baths the cranium and spinal meninges). These rhythms can be felt throughout the whole body. People report feeling wholly recognized, relieved and soundly relaxed. 

Craniosacral work is deeply soulful and heart-centered. It allows for the safe and paced integration of physical, emotional and psychological traumas and stresses by balancing the nervous system. It can help you to know yourself on deeper levels.

A 50 minute treatment costs $70.

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“Renew your ancient vow to no longer abandon yourself and to practice intimacy with your tender vulnerability. Illuminate the grooves inside your miracle nervous system with new pathways of holding and kindness. Stay close. 

For on the path of love, you need yourself now more than ever.”

Matt Licata - Psychotherapist and Author