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Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2017

This therapy with Jen was so helpful for me! I had ongoing sessions for anxiety/depression and I always found her energy very calming and soothing. She was always very willing to answer the millions of questions that I would fire at her and was very patient with me. I always left my session feeling more grounded, relaxed and with a sense of peace. I would also have a much better night’s sleep as my mind was much calmer and my body much more relaxed. It really helped me to feel more complete and confident within myself. Thanks Jen! 

Brooke Boatwright, Accountant - Brisbane, Australia.

Our Second Blog Entry

February 14, 2017

I didn't really know what to expect when I attended my first Cranio session with Jen and found it quite difficult to relax however with Jen's calming and supportive guidance I felt totally different on my second visit. It's hard to explain but I felt like I'd sunk within myself and found a peace that was totally soothing and reviving and this deepened with each session. I always felt I was in a safe environment and found Jen herself understanding, gentle and knowledgeable and I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone looking to find wellbeing, energy and peace from within.

Louise Wicks, Student Services Agency Manager - Buckinghamshire, England

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March 15, 2017

I had six Cranio Sacral sessions with Jen as a way to release tension and adjust my sleeping patterns. It was unbelievably powerful for such a seemingly gently therapy. I found a place of deep relaxation which I hadn’t experiences for quite a while. There was a sense of rebalancing, I was more conscious of tensions ebbing away and it definitely helped me re-establish more restful sleep. It helped me to reconnect with myself, taking some much needed time out to focus on my wellbeing. Jen’s calm and confident approach left me feeling that I was in very capable healing hands. I just wish she practiced a bit closer to High Wycombe!

Ruth Gunstone, University Director - Buckinghamshire, England

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March 15, 2017

I am so happy to recommend Jen as an energetic and physical healer. Jen has a profound understanding of the mechanics and patterning of trauma, as stored in the cells and tissues of the body as well as the energetic field. She also understands – and utilizes – a myriad of mechanisms for releasing trauma. Not only does Jen understand the art and science of craniosacral therapy, she is an attuned empath. At once gentle and compassionate, she also has the ability to focus energetically with enormous precision, bringing about deep and permanent transformation.

Theresa Luttenegger, Intuitive/energetic healer - California. 

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March 15, 2017

I had Craniosacral therapy sessions with Jen after I met her through work. Jen is a very calm & truly beautiful person both inside & out, she has, I feel, a magical almost ethereal quality & this is very present during her sessions.

I found the therapy helped me in many ways, it made me feel calm but also was very rejuvenating. I felt energised, able to cope better with any challenging situations that I had to face, it gave me strength. But also many little niggling things such as swollen ankles, headaches or general aches & pains seemed to become less of a problem. I felt my general well- being had improved. I could only put this down to having therapy from Jen.

It is non-invasive, Jen only has to gently place her hands on different areas of the body & she seems to be able to locate any problems you may be experiencing. Having this therapy with Jen was, for me, truly life affirming & I miss my sessions very much. I wish I could fly over to the USA at least once a month for therapy! The UK’s loss is America’s gain.

Jenny Mcintyre, Clinical NHS Healthcare Worker - Derby, England. 

Our Latest Blog Entry

March 15, 2017

Jen served as a volunteer practitioner for The Reiki Center’s non-profit organization, the Stone Soup Project [primarily serving veterans with PTSD and elderly communities]. In that capacity, she provided free biodynamic craniosacral therapy to underserved populations of central Ohio in collaboration with area social service agencies.

I had the pleasure of working with Jen during this period, watching the response of clients who experienced her skills. Her gentle approach to patient care, as well as her exceptional technique, made her a valued member of the Stone Soup team.

I also had the privilege of receiving a full biodynamic CST session for myself and I fully appreciate how powerful her skills are. As I am also trained as a CST practitioner with a specialty in somatoemotional release, I was interested in her therapeutic approach to wellness. I discovered that she incorporates a wide variety of CST modalities into each session, providing maximum benefit to the patient.

Linda Haley, Director of The Reiki Center - Columbus, Ohio.

Our Latest Blog Entry

March 15, 2017

I absolutely recommend Craniosacral Therapy with Jen. It’s an amazing experience, quite difficult to put into words. She creates a totally safe environment both in her work-place and her personal energy field allowing for total relaxation into the healing process. This healing process may well take you somewhere unexpected but always for your higher good - you will walk out of the door in a completely different place. When I've had sessions with Jen I've been so relaxed that my body felt warm and liquid allowing all my tensions and issues to melt into nothingness.

Jen has a comprehensive working knowledge of the nervous and other systems of the body and their interrelationships as well as the mind body spirit connection.

Gill Fitzpatrick, Bookkeeper - Derby, England

Our Latest Blog Entry

March 15, 2017

Jen was amazing for helping me heal trauma from my past and issues with my family. She allowed me to step into my truth and to respond from my heart. My relationships are far more satisfying and connected because of her. Intuitive, experienced, caring and professional, after just one cranialsacral session with Jen I felt much less stressed and anxious and the aches and pains in my body disappeared. After a few sessions I noticed that I have more energy than before, feel generally happier and less prone to worry and depression. Physically chronic pain, such as backache and pain in my knees which I have suffered with for over a decade, is disappearing. By listening to the currents in my body Jen allowed me to feel what a relaxed, body-happy state felt like, which is something that stays with me, even in my daily life. I sleep better, feel less overwhelmed by the pressures of life and am better able to manage my emotions, which has had positive effects on all areas of my life from the office to home and family-life. Jen works with specific concerns in your body or in your life, as well as leaving you with a general blissful feeling of wellbeing after a session. It truly has transformed my body and my life!


Isabelle Flores, Journalist - London, England.

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